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Windows 11 could soon receive a search bar modeled on Windows 10

Written by Guillaume
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A feature for the moment reserved for build 25158 and, therefore, subscribers to the Windows Insider program.

The information comes to us from the little curious ones of Neowin who relay the tweet of the user PhantomOcean3. The latter explains his "discovery": on build 25158, he noted the existence of a new version of the search bar of Windows 11. Well, "new" is probably not the most appropriate term, since according to Neowin, the search bar in question is nothing more than a reworking of the well-known one that has been on many Windows 10 for years.

While it doesn't necessarily dive back into previous versions of its operating systems, Microsoft is accustomed to integrating new features through the multiple beta versions of its Windows Insider channel. The idea is obviously to be able to test this kind of thing by affecting fewer people and to take advantage of the expertise of users who are generally very motivated. Thus, the build 25193 was the opportunity to bring back the optimized taskbar as a tablet, then published with the build 25197.

In this case, we still have no idea how long it will take for this feature to integrate everyone's version of Windows 11. Since the Windows Insider program is also there to test things, we can very well imagine that Microsoft decides to abandon this idea. For the moment, it is possible to use this search bar. To do this, you need to have the build 25158, but also to follow some steps, summarized by Neowin.

1. Download the ViVeTool software from its Github repository and extract the content wherever you want;

2. On the Start Menu button, right-click with the mouse and choose the option "Windows Terminal (administration);

3. Switch the Terminal to "Command Prompt" mode by clicking on the small arrow as shown below (Ctrl + Shift + é);

4. Navigate to the folder containing the Vive files using the CD command (example: CD C:\Vive);

5. Execute the following command: vivetool /enable /id:39072097 /variant:6 ;

6. Restart the PC.