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The first Ryzen 7000 motherboards already presented: three chipsets planned by AMD

Written by Guillaume
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And this while the processors are not expected for several more months.

At the opening of Computex 2022 in Taipei, AMD made its next generation of processors - the Ryzen 7000 - and the associated microarchitecture - Zen 4 - official. However, the American company has not stopped there and has already specified that three chipsets will accompany the release of these new processors and the AM5 platform that is attached to them. The X670E will be the most advanced, most complete model, the X670 will be the "standard" offering, while the B650 will make the new platform more accessible, at the cost of some technical sacrifices.

Even more surprisingly, given the time that separates us from the actual release of this platform, several manufacturers took advantage of AMD's announcements to unveil their first AM5 motherboards. Thus, manufacturers like ASRock, ASUS or MSI are already on the war footing, even if the announcements will be completed in the coming weeks and months: indeed, for the moment no B650-based motherboard has been announced.

ASRock and MSI have already announced four motherboards. ASRock has presented the X670E Pro RS, the X670E Steel Legend, the X670E Taichi and, finally, the X670E Taichi Carrara, which will surprise many with its inserts reminiscent of Carrara marble. That's all there is to it. More classic, MSI relies on its traditional ranges to advance, from the most complete to the simplest, a MEG X670E Godlike, a MEG X670E Ace, a MPG X670E Carbon WIFI and a PRO X670-P WIFI. Finally, ASUS is a little more discreet with only one model clearly highlighted, ROG Crosshair X670E Extreme, but already a full range in preparation as evidenced by the video above. One thing is already certain: AMD has prepared the release of its new platform well in advance.