Intel Alder Lake: processors that "bend" because of their mounting system?

Written by Guillaume
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The 12th generation of Intel processors would suffer from a torsion problem that comes to twist the component purely and simply.

By releasing the Alder Lake range in November 2021 after several difficult years, Intel has made a remarkable comeback with millions of users. Innovative, equipped with the latest features, powerful and widely available, its 12th generation of processors has allowed it to get back into the race with AMD after two years of bad luck. However, there is a "little technical problem" that some enthusiasts have noticed after a few weeks / months of use.

Indeed, for its new generation, Intel uses a new socket, the famous LGA1700. With dimensions significantly different from previous generations, this socket and the fastening systems attached to it would exert an unequal pressure on the surface of the processor. Such pressure that the processor would tend to twist according to some users. Intel was quick to respond to the controversy and did not dispute the possibility of a slight "bend" of the processor on socket LGA1700. However, he wanted to reassure users, the problem is not likely to alter in any way the proper functioning of its chips. In fact, it does not plan any action.

If Intel's answer is clear and precise, it is not enough for some users who have come up with solutions to counteract this twisting phenomenon. They have been imitated by the Taiwanese manufacturer Thermalright who industrialized the process. Basically, a few clever people have imagined a kind of 3D printed insert to better wedge the processor. Thermalright proceeded in the same way with more "noble" materials to end up with a product that it distributes for about 6 dollars.

The insert is placed on the CPU and should allow better distribution of the force exerted by the cooling systems on the LGA1700 socket / Alder Lake CPU. If the cost, modest, is not likely to scare us, we can still ask the question of compatibility. Thermalright points out that all H610, B660 and Z690 motherboards are supported, but we regret the absence of a precise list with all the models listed. Finally, we especially regret that no distribution date for France has been announced yet.