Intel opens the doors of its Fab 28 factory for a very rewarding visit

Written by Guillaume
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A video visit to the heart of one of the most important factories of the American Intel. Very interesting.

A few days ago, we talked about the expansion of Intel's largest factory in the United States. Located in Oregon, this structure called D1X has benefited from a colossal investment of 3 billion dollars to expand and modernize. Today, we are not talking about this imposing factory - perhaps too sensitive a subject - but about a marketing operation featuring another Intel structure. Indeed, Linus Sebastian, the host of the Youtube channel Linus Tech Tips was able to visit Intel Israel.

There, the Canadian trickster was able to visit the Fab 28 for a long time and, above all, he could do it with his cameraman. The result is not perfect insofar as several sensitive elements are blurred, Intel obviously does not want some information to filter. On more than 20 minutes of video, we have however a lot of information on the functioning of such a structure, the procedures put in place to ensure the purity of the air and the presence of "reserved" areas even less accessible than the factory as a whole.

Linus takes advantage of this visit to detail the manufacturing process of Intel components, the functioning of the lithography technique for example. He also mentioned the considerable work currently underway around Fab 28 to combine it with a new factory - Fab 38 - which will double the total size of the site. Why such an increase in capacity when Intel has already considerably expanded the D1X in Oregon, for example? Simply to be part of Intel's IDM 2 plan, which should lead to the availability of the American company's production lines to its partners: Intel will then no longer manufacture only its own chips, but also those of third-party companies.

Finally, Linus Sebastian completes his video by talking about the different aspects of production, the different parts of FAb 28 that he was not able to visit. In spite of its limitations, the video is fascinating for anyone who is interested in what goes on behind the scenes, in how these processors that we use every day are designed. Beware, a certain command of English is essential to understand everything.