Investment in video games: the Australian example

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The Australian video game industry has grown considerably over the past few years which has benefited both adults and young people

With the advancement of technology, it is difficult to get an overview of all the games that can be accessed on your PC, console or mobile devices. Nevertheless, it turns out that games also have their share of drawbacks for children, including reduced interaction due to game addiction and mood changes during and after play. Despite this, they have many benefits for children and their well-being. Let's break this down.

Problem-solving skills

Learning to make decisions from educational videos is not mandatory. Video games also help children learn to make simple decisions that will help them get to the next level. Most of these games require understanding and following the rules to complete the level. As you move up the levels, the games become more and more difficult. In this case, the child learns problem-solving and planning skills and, therefore, uses them in real-life situations.

Some games require a leader among the players, and this helps them develop leadership skills that involve motivating and mediating conflicts among their peers. By having the freedom to make their own decisions, children can accomplish tasks with the greatest creativity. Children can also learn educational skills by playing video games. With the need to compete and create their tournaments, children are eager to teach those who do not know how to play, which helps them learn teaching skills.


Games are the new form of interaction between children growing up. Talking about games during free time at school or participating in game tournaments is a common form of interaction between young people. This interaction offers healthy competition and the overall interaction is a game changer for kids who struggle to make friends in real life.


Given the need to read instructions during games, research has shown an excellent correlation between Australian children playing video games and improved reading skills. Reading a book can be boring, but if they have to open a website and read instructions on a game they are interested in, it can improve their reading enjoyment.

Careers in Video Games

These days, white-collar jobs aren't the only career paths available. Kids can explore their interests and hone them into a career. Video games is one of the booming fields in the world, which requires a person with maximum gaming knowledge, creativity and taste to keep the growth and creation of new video games. Children can start creating their career as early as possible with the recognition and the best support.


With these benefits, games have gained popularity in Australia and have proven to be lucrative, and will provide a good business opportunity for those who wish to invest in Australia. If you live overseas, you will need an Australian visa to enter the country. Go to the nearest Australian embassy in your country to apply for the visa you want (working vacation and tourist visas). A simpler and easier way is to visit the Australian Department of Home Affairs website to apply. New Zealand citizens are an exception in that, if they have a valid New Zealand passport, they can apply for a visa once they arrive in Australia.

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