E-sport : how much does the equipment of a good gamer cost ?

Written by charon
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You want to get into e-sports but you don't know what equipment to choose or how much it will cost you? Explanations.

Thee-sport is a shortcut for electronic sport and we can define it as "the whole of the practices allowing players to confront their level by the intermediary of an electronic support, and essentially by the video game, and this, whatever the type of game or the platform (computer, console or tablet)"

Video game competitions can be local, national and even international. In fact, there are now schools that deal with e-sports. As early as 1997, 2,000 participants competed in the game Quake with the finals held during the E3 World Congress Center.

Later, in 2011, the launch of the Twitch network gave a huge visibility to e-sport with games like DOTA 2, LoL, etc.

Today, many people are getting into it, but it is important to be well equipped and it can be expensive, especially with the increase in the price of components. In 2021, in France, the average price of a good gaming set will be around 3 480,41 €.

A good complete gaming set includes :

  • A gaming PC
  • A gaming screen
  • A gaming keyboard
  • A gaming mouse
  • A gaming headset
  • and finally a very good gaming chair to be able to face the hours of gaming

And depending on the games you want to play, you should also add :

  • A virtual reality headset
  • A steering wheel
  • A joystick

It is therefore very important to do some research and compare prices to get the best quality vs price ratio for components and hardware.

Given the high price of the average gamer's shopping cart, many gamers turn more to consoles, such as PS5 or Xbox Series, which are much less expensive.

The last important factor to give yourself all the means to be a good gamer is to also have a good internet connection to benefit from a good ping (preferably fiber) and broadcast your exploits on Twitch if you feel like it!