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DriversCloud wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Written by Guillaume
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May the big bearded man spoil you and make you forget these complicated months!

Against the backdrop of an " epidemic rebound ", a " vaccination pass " or " record contaminations ", we are about to celebrate Christmas. We are not going to play the role of lesson giver and we will also avoid putting forward any theory whatsoever on the behaviors to adopt. Many recommendations on the number of guests or the possibility of wearing a mask for the most fragile have been put forward by some and others and we prefer to hope that you find the energy to forget the ambient gloom and to spend a (very) good time with family or friends!

Whether the gifts are raining down at the foot of the tree or whether shortages / logistical problems have disrupted deliveries, don't let that stop you from celebrating with thoughts of a brighter tomorrow! Perhaps the "technological gifts" will be widely present in your home? Don't forget that DriversCloud and its automatic driver download and installation service are always there to lend a hand when it comes to setting up new hardware.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you, DriversCloud community members, for your presence and support. Of course, there is always time to join us via the forum and/or social networks. Once again, let us wish you all a very happy new year and see you soon on DriversCloud!