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When released, Intel Arc Alchemist graphics cards will have no crypto-blocking

Written by Guillaume
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Rather than follow NVIDIA's lead, Intel has chosen to follow in AMD's footsteps for its first dedicated graphics cards in years.

We don't have a release date for Intel's Arc Alchemist line yet. After the failure of Larrabee in 2008-2009, Arc marks the return of Intel in the world of dedicated graphics cards, a world hitherto the preserve of AMD and NVIDIA. As of next year, the first Arc graphics cards - the Alchemist models - should be distributed by Intel and a host of partners. Nothing but normal until then, except that the question of the real availability of the cards is always in the background: we have been experiencing a shortage of graphics cards for more than a year now, and buying a GeForce or a Radeon today is quite a feat.

Raja Koduri and Roger Chandler © Intel

Alas, Intel has done nothing to reassure observers, investors and potential customers. Through an interview granted to 360 Gadgetsraja Koduri and Roger Chandler - two of the main people in charge of the Arc project - did not give any guarantee. They even tended to confirm the fears of the whole industry. Indeed, Roger Chandler first explained that there was no question of setting up any mechanism to reduce the crypto-mining efficiency of Arc Alchemist cards. We remember that NVIDIA had opted for a "limiter" so that its graphics cards would no longer be as popular with crypto-currency miners and could reach end users. AMD has not implemented anything and Intel plans to do the same.

"As far as software locks and things of that nature, we are not designing this product [Arc], nor do we have any features planned at this point, to specifically target minors. In terms of what we're doing to keep them out, that's not a priority for us: it's a product that will be on the market and people will be able to buy it.

To make us even more worried, Raja Koduri is the one who kind of puts the nail in the coffin. While he is quite honest, the head of Intel confirms that Intel will probably not be able to meet the demand and Arc Alchemist's shortages could well be of the same nature as those of GeForce / Radeon: " We are coming as a third player. I will always be very careful when demand is so high and the market is so tough. I can always take advantage of better supply so I'm not going to tell you that I'm going to have enough supply given the demand in this market. I think all my competitors will tell you the same thing right now.