Avoid cluttering your PC with no-download software

Written by charon
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Is your PC becoming slow, crashing and not performing tasks properly? It may be cluttered. There are solutions to improve the performance of your device. One of them, and probably one of the simplest, is to avoid cluttering your PC. How can you do this? By using no-download software. After introducing you to some of them, let's find out why it's important to keep your computer clutter-free.

Using no-download software: yes, but which one?

Still called software sites, no-download software can be accessed from the search bar of your browser. To access them, all you need to do is connect your device to the Internet. This type of software has come to compete with downloadable applications, offering a more convenient and especially less restrictive experience. There are all kinds of software on the internet, namely:

Online casino platforms to have fun without constraints

An online casino with download? No, this is akin to the 2000s. In 2021, we no longer download, we play online. If you want to have fun whenever and wherever you want, there's nothing better than a no-download online casino. Accessible for free, this type of platform generally offers a wide variety of money games among which poker, slot machines, blackjack, baccarat, etc.

Google Apps, for collaborative work

To facilitate teamwork, Google offers a range of applications, accessible online. Google Sheets is the equivalent of the Excel spreadsheet, but online. Google Docs allows you to enter and edit text. Google Slide is the online version of PowerPoint.

Why choose a no-download software?

Using a no-download software is probably the best way to avoid cluttering your computer. These online services offer interesting advantages:

  • There are no updates to be done;
  • They can be used from any computer and are compatible with all operating systems;
  • Since the folders and files are saved on the Internet, you can access them from any medium as long as it is connected to the Internet;
  • No need to transfer them from one device to another, at the risk of losing or damaging data;
  • No download software is free. No need to pay for a license to access them.

In the end, you can really boost your PC's performance by using no-download software. They don't take up any space and are easy to use.