Protecting your digital identity is essential on the Web

Written by charon
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To navigate serenely on the net, it is important to protect your digital identity. Explanations.

The digital identity defines who you are on the Internet in the eyes of others. Whether you are an individual or a company, we leave information about ourselves on the net, voluntarily or not. It is therefore essential to keep a good image of yourself on the Internet, what we call your e-reputation. And to do this, it is important to control what we do on the Internet.

The digital identity is based on 3 concepts: our actions, our way of analyzing them and the pure information. The first defense is to know how to control your own image, such as the photos and videos that you post on social networks without asking any questions. But words also remain engraved and we noticed it with some extreme cases, where discriminatory remarks come back to the surface even years later and bring opprobrium on the concerned person.

But, it can be difficult to control everything, like a purchase on the Internet, with a risk of theft of personal information (name, address, phone number,...), or simply with a poorly protected computer that opens the door to hackers. We see it regularly, bank data are stolen and sold on the Dark Web. To protect yourself, there is software that will help you defend yourself against the vast majority of these external attacks.

There are a plethora of security companies, but let's mention Bitdefender, which has been effectively protecting your privacy and personal information for years, and which also provides digital identity protection. The Bitdefender security suite offers to :

  • monitor your digital footprint starting with your email address and phone number
  • enjoy continuous breach monitoring for 5 email addresses
  • search your personal information online, in legal and illegal databases
  • check if your personal information has been exposed on the Dark Web.
  • receive instant alerts of new breaches or threats to your privacy
  • check if your social media accounts have been hacked

In 2020, 163.5 million people were affected by data breaches, 20% of which were financial data. It is therefore necessary to arm yourself against these attacks, which are becoming more and more numerous.

Bitdefender offers free antivirus downloads as a first line of protection. But for optimum protection, you can take the digital identity protection at 2.92 € per month (charged 35 € the first year).