Microsoft will meet us on June 24th... to present Windows 11?

Written by Guillaume
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An exclusively online event, Covid-19 pandemic obliges, but which should reserve its share of surprises around the famous operating system.

The initial release of Windows 10 occurred on July 29, 2015. So it's already been almost six years that the operating system rhythms the lives of many PC users around the world. Six years that Microsoft has been evolving it at the pace of its annual double update: the first during the spring and the second in the heart of the fall. Of course, these two major updates are interspersed with multiple updates to come back to this or that functionality, to correct this or that security flaw. Driven by Microsoft since the launch of Windows 10, this biannual rhythm remains the key to the evolution of the system.

An evolution that should have a major turning point with the release of the fall 2021 update that we have already talked about many times and that is more generally known by its code name of Sun Valley. Multiple features planned for Sun Valley have already been presented, including via Windows builds reserved for the Insiders program. However, Microsoft likes to clarify things with information-rich events. A few days ago, the American company confirmed a press conference - remotely - for June 24. The objective is not insignificant, Microsoft is titillating us by indicating that it will be the occasion to " unveil the next generation of Windows ", in other words, to " unveil the next generation of Windows ".

These words have not failed to ignite social networks and many experts now believe that Sun Valley will finally be much more than a simple fall update: they no longer hesitate to talk about a new version of Windows, a Windows 11 to follow the one we now know so well. To support their statements, these observers put forward several elements, from the most serious to the most fantastic. For example, we note that Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft's corporate vice president, himself tweeted that he " hasn't been this excited about a new version of Windows since Windows 95 ". Such an emphasis for a simple update?

Less seriously, others have noted some "details" to support the Windows 11 hypothesis. The conference is scheduled for June 24 at 5pm French time. So far, nothing out of the ordinary except that the time is actually 11am local time, a rather unusual time for Microsoft. To go even further in the delirium, some people noticed that the logo set up to present the event let the number 11 appear by "forgetting" some elements of the famous window. You will admit that we are not far from the most far-fetched conspiracy theories, but why not..

For our part, we're going to avoid making any plans. Microsoft has only confirmed one event around the future of Windows and, to be honest, that's enough for us. We know that with Sun Valley, Microsoft has a lot of surprises for us and that this is just the beginning, so Windows is always evolving. Let's remember that at the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft had stressed that it would be " the last version of Windows " insisting on its willingness to proceed only by successive updates ... until what point?