Discover simple and fun mobile games with one click

Written by charon
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It is fun to play, especially when there are no complicated rules to follow. While there may be many mobile games with complicated controls, there are also some that can be simply enjoyed and won with a few clicks.

Clicker games are one of the most interesting and popular types. Here, players don't have to worry about having any special skills, as they can win prizes or high scores just by clicking. These games also don't take much time as they can usually be enjoyed within minutes. Most of the click games are also free.

Here are some games where you just have to click to win!


Aviator is a game developed by Spribe, which is usually found in online casinos. The Aviator betting game is very simple. All players have to do here is place one or two bets before the plane takes off. Once in the air, players will see that as the altitude increases, so will the multipliers appear.

However, players must cash in before the plane disappears from the radar. By knowing the proper speed and timing, players can win by clicking at the right time. While there may be automated options in the game, it is always helpful to manually click the remove button to test how fast your hands can go.


Tetris is a classic and popular game that has been enjoyed for years. In this game, players must position and rotate the falling pieces so that they can form a straight line to clear the space. By clicking quickly, players can release the pieces faster and be able to form more combinations in the short time they have.

Today, there are many variations of Tetris, but the concept remains the same. By knowing when to click without panicking, players can get high scores and beat other players while having fun.

Geometry Dash

Despite its release in 2013, many players are still passionate about Geometry Dash and test their skills by clicking in the game. In it, players have to make their way through obstacles while following the rhythm of the music.

As simple as it sounds, this game offers a great challenge for players, as they are required to time their clicks correctly according to the beat of the music. Once a beat is missed, players must start over and repeat at the same level until they perfect it.


These are just a few games that allow players to properly manage their clicks to win. So, no matter if players want to try their luck on games of chance or click games, players will have to rely on the right timing. They are only one click away from winning in their favorite games!