Miner dogecoin with his PC: complicated but not impossible

Written by charon
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Created and launched in 2013, dogecoin started out as a joke. Yet, ever since the famous Tesla chairman Elon Musk took a keen interest in this cryptocurrency, its price has been steadily increasing. As a result, more and more people are looking into this virtual currency and trying to make as much money as possible. The proof: for some time now, it has been possible to mine dogecoin with your own PC.

What is mining?

Roughly explained, we could say that mining consists of providing a network to a specific cryptocurrency, like dogecoin, in exchange for a financial reward. Simply put, the miner must verify the validity of a set of transactions and remove trusted third parties. These sets, called "blocks," form the blockchain. Once a block is validated, it is added to the top of the chain and the miner is rewarded for providing the power to run the network with his hardware.

Today, it is very difficult to mine alone, from home and with his own equipment. Indeed, such a service requires a lot of power that is almost impossible to obtain with a simple basic computer installation. That's why some people gather in "pools" to mine en masse and share the rewards.

Specific hardware

To mine dogecoin from home, you'll first need to join a pool. Then, it is necessary to have a very specific equipment. First of all, make sure you have an excellent internet connection and a good electricity contract. Since the principle of mining is to draw on the resources of your computer hardware, this technique will primarily seek the power of your graphics card (GPU) or your processor (CPU). Taking these points into account, the gamer PC, composed of several state-of-the-art graphics cards, is the best option available to you.

As the energy consumption is particularly high for this practice, remember to cool your machine regularly, especially with one or more small fans.

A random profitability

Although dogecoin mining can be profitable, do not expect to become rich overnight. Indeed, because of the excessive consumption of energy that it requires, your electricity bill will skyrocket and your computer equipment will tend to wear out more quickly and will have to be replaced regularly. Expenses that counterbalance the money earned through mining.

It should be noted that the future of dogecoin is still very uncertain, since it was initially a simple troll and the creators of this virtual currency have never really taken themselves seriously.