DriversCloud 11 is out!

Written by charon
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I've released a version to fix a problem with Direct2D support on Windows 7.


The version 11 of DriversCloud application is online. Many improvements are on the menu.

Revamped interfaceand new design

The interface has been completely redesigned. You don't all use DriversCloud for the same reason. It was possible to customize your experience in theapplication settingsbut few people did it. So we wanted to go further.

So we proposed four use cases.

The online detection which refers to the old method. It uses all the modules and all the options defined in the parameters.

Driver detection : here we load only the necessary modules. So the detection time is greatly improved. By choosing this option you will be taken directly to the driver page.

Help request is used if you need to share a configuration so that a third person can help you. All modules will be activated and you will arrive on the configuration page

Finally the PC crash analysis . Here too all modules will be activated but you will arrive directly on the BSODpage.

Compared to the previous version, it is now possible to minimize the window.

And the edit fields for the DriversCloud account now support copy and paste.

The interface also supports High Dpi and Direct2D support for operating systems that support it.


A big improvement of the version 11 is to be able to set the privacy level at the application level.

We remind that DriversCloud does not provide any information of its users to third parties and that we respect the RGPD.

On the old version all detected data were encrypted and sent to the server. It was possible to set a privacy level when you shared your configuration. We wanted to go much further. Now this level is managed at the application level. Data you don't want to get will not even be sent to the server.


We received the installation process of the DriversCloud program . We switched to Advanced installer.

The automaticinstaller has been refined and it is now possible to choose the language and silent installation from the start.

Due to changes in the applicationupgrade system, you should get two successive updates.


*We now support PC names with accents or even in another language.

*We removed the "USB hardware detection" option that was previously checked by default. In some rare cases with some USB drivers, the detection could block or cut off the application's internet connection.

*At the end of the offline detection, we changed the name of the generated file and we open the folder with the explorer containing this file.