Hasbro introduces Optimus Prime robot that can be controlled by voice

Written by Guillaume
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A very sophisticated "toy" that will cost a whopping $699.99, all the same!

Among the most important toy companies in the world, the American Hasbro holds some of the most lucrative licenses in the sector... and notably the Transformers. During an event it organized a few days ago - the Pulse Fans Fest 2021 - Habsro presented its latest creation made in close collaboration with the Chinese Robosen. The latter is known for its multiple robots rich in many features and the marriage of the two logically resulted in the production of a particularly sophisticated Transformer: an Optimus Prime capable of real prowess.

Jay (Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob (Kevin Smith) promoted the nearly 50-centimeter-tall figure of the autobot leader. Made of more than 5,000 components, with 60 microchips and 27 servo-motors, it is simply able to react to 25 voice commands. So, when the two companions told it to " convert ", the figurine complied and the truck transformed itself into Optimus Prime. Many other commands can be given to exchange a few words with the robot for example or ask it to move.

However, things don't stop with these few voice commands. Hasbro and Robosen have actually introduced more than 80 sound effects to their machine and above all have added an Android / iOS compatible application. The idea is to have a real control interface to manage the Optimus Prime and program various series of commands. The "toy" - we still hesitate to call it that - is a little marvel of technology and its price is reflected in it. While pre-orders are already open on Habsro's dedicated page, for a planned release in October 2021, the price might make even the biggest fans think twice: $699.99! It is certainly a " collector's " edition that we imagine to be limited and Optimus Prime has some accessories to accompany it (a battle-axis, a blaster), but the bill remains high.