Microsoft Edge: Synchronization of payment information between devices is coming

Written by Guillaume
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Data synchronization between different devices is a constant work in progress for Microsoft and its team in charge of the Edge browser.

Just a few days ago, we talked about Edge version 89 and its faster execution, Microsoft does not rest on its laurels and announced in the wake, some interesting new features for version 90 of its Web browser. This is how the journalists of the Neowin site got to know the new roadmap related to the Microsoft 365 offer. A roadmap that is not limited to the office suite and uses its clipboard to improve the Internet browser.

For example, Edge version 90 will be more capable of exploiting auto-completion in order to, for example, automatically fill in forms on certain websites by directly entering information such as the user's first and last name, email address or phone number. More importantly, with the 92 version of Edge, things will take another step forward with the addition of payment information. Even better, it will synchronize these information between the different devices set up by the user in order to simplify online purchases.

A more accomplished and efficient synchronization that should also concern passwords: the idea being of course to get an up-to-date management of these precious passwords between all our machines. On this subject, Microsoft intends to improve things further with, for example, the possibility of deleting several passwords with a single gesture. Finally, so that these improvements make more sense, it is the browsing history that will also benefit from synchronization between devices. Edge 90 should be available during the week of April 15, while the beta should start on March 16.