Opera browser has 80 million monthly active users on Android

Written by Guillaume
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If we often talk about Chrome, Firefox or Edge, the Opera browser is an alternative that should not be overlooked: the latest figures published by its promoters prove it once again.

Developed by the eponymous Norwegian company, Opera is a Web browser whose first version is slowly approaching 30 years of existence ... even if its real takeoff goes back to April 2005 with the release of version 8.0 for the general public. Since then, it has become a credible alternative to the big browsers from Google and Microsoft. For his first post of the year 2021, Stefan Stjernelund - one of the main authors of the official Opera blog, came back on the success of the version that is today the most important for Opera Software, the Android version.

Stefan Stjernelund indeed specifies that over the last thirty months, this version has experienced a remarkable growth in the number of users: they are now more or less 80 million monthly active users, which means a doubling in two and a half years. A great success for this Android version, which is part of a larger growth for all versions of Opera: there are more than 380 million monthly active users who use the software, combining all versions, all platforms.

Of course, a success that should not remain without a future for Opera Software. The company is also taking advantage of this announcement to confirm its intention to keep up with the frantic pace of the year 2020, where a total of more than 100 new features have been added. Stefan Stjernelund says that the year 2021 should be at least as rich with a particular focus on the browser's performance, security and user data protection.