ThiefShell: an ingenious self-contained anti-theft mobile protection shell in participatory funding

Written by Guillaume
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A promising but still developing project that needs support to really see the light of day.

A 25-year-old computer engineer, Sébastien Favier has set himself the task of designing an anti-theft protection product that can be used in a number of versions for laptops, electric scooters, wallets, handbags, etc. For the time being, however, this electronics and programming enthusiast is targeting cell phones - and even more so smartphones. The idea could not be simpler: to have a peripheral device that can't be dissociated from your device in order to geo-locate it and sound a powerful alarm.

As he explains in the above video presentation of the project, the primary objective is obviously to cope with the theft of his smartphone. Given the amount of information that these devices can contain and the risks involved if they are stolen, it is quite logical to want to protect yourself. Called ThiefShell, the "anti-theft" protective shell does not actually protect against theft. On the other hand, by integrating a battery, a Bluetooth module, a GPS and its antenna, a mobile phone and its SIM card as well as a power supply system, a parasite filtering, a recharge (wired/induction) and a controller (CPU), ThiefShell has everything necessary to quickly find the trace of the stolen device.

The shell itself has its own IoT SIM card and unique phone number thanks to the contribution of Saphelec (SFR Business). It is of course necessary to keep the phone number somewhere because, in case of theft, it is through this intermediary that some of ThiefShell's functions will be activated. For example, sending an SMS like " GPS " allows you to ask the hull for its current position - via a Google Maps link - while the SMS " BIP " activates a powerful sound signal. Of course, the shell is inseparable from its phone thanks to a protection system with a unique locking key.

The ThiefShell project is looking to raise at least 3,000 euros on Ulule - 30,000 euros for the project as a whole - with a delivery target of July 2024. Click here to learn more.