Raspberry engraves its smallest logo in the heart of its RP2040 SoC

Written by Guillaume
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The SOC RP2040 is the latest creation of the Raspberry Pi Foundation: a chip to compete with the Arduino.

Only a few weeks ago, the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced the upcoming release of a new module designed around a new processor, the RP2040. The RP2040 is a SoC - system on a chip - and is used in the Raspberry Pi Pico. More compact and less richly endowed than the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, the Pico is a card of barely 51 mm x 21 mm whose price is less than 5 euros. The objective here is to compete with Arduino on its own ground.

Within this RP2040, the Raspberry Pi Foundation had a funny idea: to engrave a tiny logo. The idea of "marking" components in this way is not new, but it has the merit of making people smile in these not always funny times. What the Raspberry Pi Foundation calls " the smallest Raspberry Pi logo in the world " can be seen on the photo above framed in red so as not to miss it. The photo is none other than the silicon core of the RP2040 chip, before it is encapsulated.

For information, the RP2040 is already a particularly compact SoC ... so imagine the size of the said logo: the foundation specifies that it is 120 microns long and dares to compare it with a grain of sand, the logo would represent only half of this grain!