How to change your IP address to access exclusive content (series, movies, games, etc.)

Written by charon
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Each connected device has a unique IP address that allows sites to geolocate us and often prevents us from watching or enjoying certain content reserved for other countries. Let's see how to counter this.

An IP address is a unique identification number that is specific to each connected device. This IP address can be permanent or dynamic, but one of its characteristics is that it allows us to obtain your geolocation more or less precisely. It will never disclose your exact address (except at the request of the law), but it will indicate your country, your region and even your city. This is what happens when you go to a site of an international brand, you will always land on the site dedicated to France or Europe, the server having identified your country of origin and having redirected you automatically to the right place. It is very easy to find your IP address, you can for example use the internet service my IP.

But is it really necessary to change your IP?

Yes, and in fact many Internet users have now got into the habit of changing their IP address thanks to a VPN, in order to have access to exclusive content. Indeed, by changing your IP address, you can make the servers you are visiting believe that you are located in such or such country, which will allow you to access censored or restricted services in France. The most common use consists for example in geolocating yourself in the USA and then being able to access without worry the foreign catalogs of many streaming sites such as Disney+, Netflix US, Hulu, Amazon Prime US, etc. which offer series not available in France or on their French equivalents (for Netflix in particular).

But that's not all, gamers also have every interest in connecting to an IP address located in another country. Video game developers have gotten into the habit of proposing many offers or early accesses, such as video game betas, only to certain geographical areas such as Japan, China, or the United States. By locating yourself abroad, you will be able to test and play certain games that have not yet arrived in France.

Finally, changing your IP address whenever you want will allow you to make real savings! It is easy to see that the prices of the same product or service can be very different from one country to another, depending on the country's standard of living or on whether the product is manufactured in that country. For example, nothing legally prevents you from buying a dematerialized video game in another country at a lower cost, as long as the proposed version supports French, which is the case for most of them. And this is valid for many other products.