Enthusiast Increases GeForce RTX 2070 Memory Capacity from 8 to 16 GB

Written by Guillaume
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This is, of course, a do-it-yourself situation that we urge you to ESPECIALLY NOT replicate at home.

Released in October 2018, the GeForce RTX 2070 is a Turing generation graphics card. With the release of the Ampere models - the RTX 3000 series - its performance/price ratio has taken a serious hit, but that doesn't take away from the intrinsic qualities of a card capable of running many games very well at 1440p. In fact, its 8GB of GDDR6 video memory is quite enough, but some users seem to think it needs much more.

So a certain VIK-on set out to tinker with his Palit GeForce RTX 2070 in order to double the amount of video memory it carries. To do this, he "simply" removed the 8 1GB Micron chips. Then, on the slots thus freed, he soldered 8 Samsung chips of 2 GB purchased through an online retailer for a total of about $ 200. VIK-on specifies that he had previously inquired about the compatibility of the card with such chips.

The operation - shown in the video above - is a relatively simple DIY for an electronics technician, but you should of course not reproduce it at home. VIK-on also points out the current poor results of such a maneuver. Indeed, if the card perfectly recognized the new memory chips and 16 GB were well displayed by the different benchmarks used by the handyman, the whole thing turned out to be... "unstable": various crashes were observed and the operating frequencies changed erratically. However, for the sake of "beauty of the gesture", we couldn't fail to tell you about it.