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Gigabyte is a Taiwanese company founded in 1986. It the second biggest manufacturer of motherboards behind Asus. It also sells a wide range of graphics cards with NVIDIA and AMD chipsets.
Name of the component Hardware ID
Bluetooth HID Device BTHENUM\{E8AD5CB4-FB2B-4A43-8FD7-A28367D00E0A} Search the drivers
Bluetooth LWFLT Device BTHENUM\{DD533152-01F4-435C-ABFE-984BC21A2A65} Search the drivers
Realtek Audio Effects Component SWC\VEN_10EC&AID_0002 Search the drivers
Realtek USB Audio USB\VID_0414&PID_A000 Search the drivers
Realtek USB Audio USB\VID_0414&PID_A001 Search the drivers
Realtek USB Audio USB\VID_0414&PID_A002 Search the drivers
Virtual Bluetooth Support BTHENUM\{CBECAB40-A2C8-4AB3-ADC1-DE0FE95D8600} Search the drivers