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Monitoring BSOD Analysis Settings
Detect your configuration

We detect for you all of the hardware and software on your computer. You can save this information, share it or export it as a PDF.

Find appropriate drivers

Once your configuration has been analyzed, we can search for drivers recommended for your computer. Technology provided by our service DriversCloud.com can, for example, focus a search for WHQL-certified drivers.

Offline detection

Offline detection is possible with a module that you can install on machines that do not have an Internet connection. This method is also useful when a network card is not known and no driver is found.

Share your configuration

The sharing center brings together all of the sharing features of the machines on which you have performed detection.You can publish all or part of the information on social networks, save to a PDF or create a signature for forums.

Monitor your equipment

Hardware monitoring keeps an eye on your components' activity. In real time, you can monitor the voltage or temperature of the processor, of the graphics card, etc. although monitoring capacity is dependent on the machine).

Analyze your BSOD crashes

If you experience crashes in Windows, we provide an analysis tool to better identify the cause. This information is technical and intended for advanced users.