Configurationfonogroove - BSOD Analysis

Agent version
Base version 35
Detection date 3/21/2018 12:39 AM

This module analyzes Windows system crashes in order to identify the drivers that are involved. This allows you to attempt to update them to fix the problem.
Using this module requires Windows to be configured to allow a log file to be created when the system crashes. Windows only needs to be configured once to allow this.Right click on the "My Computer" icon on the desktop.
  • Select "Properties" to access the "System Properties" window.
  • Under "Startup and Recovery" click the "Settings" button.
  • In the "Write debugging information" select "Memory Dump."
  • Confirm to close the windows.

  • If necessary, you can ask for help by visiting
    Results generated in this module are strongly suggestive that there is a problem with your drivers. Nevertheless, false positives can occur because the module cannot differentiate between drivers that are involved in the system crash and drivers that cause the crash, and a hardware fault ca be the cause of a driver crash even when the driver itself does not cause any problems. Similarly, a problematic third party driver can cause the OS kernel or a Microsoft driver to crash, even if they are not themselves at fault.