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Agent version
Base version 35
Detection date 1/4/2018 4:38 PM
PC hostname internet-d38500

This section displays a customizable summary of your computer's hardware configuration and shows information about the processor, motherboard, graphics card, RAM, screen, hard disks and USB devices. This also gives you the option of adding items, such as the power supply or case model, which cannot be detected in software.



Operating System

Windows XP Professionnel ‎()‎ Service Pack 3
Build number: 2600
Version: 5.1
System install date: 12/23/2017
Registered user: 225 05158344
System uptime: 0j 0h:18mn:11s


Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 clocked at 1.87 GHz
Processor frequency measure (core0): 1.86 GHz
Number of cores: 2 physique(s), 2 logique(s)
Processor socket: Socket 775 LGA
CPU Temperature (core 0): 66 °C


Dell Inc. 0WK833
Serial number (motherboard): ..CN6986179B1D7E.
Version (system): Dell Inc.
Serial number (system): CRF063J
SKU Number: Dell Inc.
Bios version: 2.6.6
Date: 6/26/2011


Northbridge : Intel Q965
Revision ID: C1
Southbridge : Intel 82801HB/HR (ICH8/R)
Revision ID: B0


1.50 GB total memory type DDR2
Memory chip Samsung of 512 MB
Maximum frequency: 266 MHz
Max bandwidth: PC2-4300
Memory chip G.Skill of 1 GB
Maximum frequency: 333 MHz
Max bandwidth: PC2-5300

Graphics card

Radmin Mirror Driver V3
DirectX version installed: 9.0
DirectX version installed: 9.0


Harddrive HitachiHCS5C3225SLA380 of 232.89 GB SATA II
Firmware: STBOA37E
SATA version: SATA Rev 2.6
Serial number: SCABN7MM0TU5XB
HDD Temperature: 45 °C
Power time: 12095 hours
Harddrive of 15 GB
Harddrive Imation ImationFlashDriv USB Device of 7.20 GB


Event type: DVD-R/DL sequential recording Recorder
Firmware version: D300


HUAWEI Mobile Connect - Network Adapter #2 - Miniport d'ordonnancement de paquets
Adapter type: ethernet
MAC address: 58-2C-80-13-92-63
WAN (PPP/SLIP) Interface
Adapter type: PPP
IPv4 address:
MAC address: 00-53-45-00-00-00
MS TCP Loopback interface
Adapter type: Loopback
IPv4 address:

Multimedia cards

Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller


DRAC 5 Virtual Keyboard and Mouse Model L100 Keyboard (Dell USB Keyboard)


Lenovo Lenovo USB Optical Mouse

USB peripheral

DRAC 5 Virtual Keyboard and Mouse Model L100 Keyboard (Dell USB Keyboard)
Supported USB version: 1.10
Device version: 3.52
Lenovo Lenovo USB Optical Mouse
Supported USB version: 2.0
Device version: 63.0
Imation Corp. ImationFlashDriv
Supported USB version: 2.0
Device version: 1.0
Cubeternet GL-UPC822 UVC WebCam (USB2.0 Camera)
Supported USB version: 2.0
Device version: 2.2
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. HUAWEI Mobile
Supported USB version: 2.0
Device version: 1.2