ConfigurationAaggoldAgold(Ashitakahero) - Summary

Agent version
Base version 32
Detection date 10/8/2016 10:05 PM
PC hostname litebase

This section displays a customizable summary of your computer's hardware configuration and shows information about the processor, motherboard, graphics card, RAM, screen, hard disks and USB devices. This also gives you the option of adding items, such as the power supply or case model, which cannot be detected in software.



Operating System

Windows 7 Ultimate Edition ‎(X64)‎ Service Pack 1
System install date: 10/8/2016


AMD Turion 64 Mobile MK-36 clocked at 2 GHz
Processor frequency measure (core0): 2 GHz
Number of cores: 1 physical, 1 logical
Processor socket: Socket S1 (638)
CPU Temperature (core 0): 59 °C


Acer Navarro N/A
Serial number (motherboard): LXAX90X107650110DD1601
SKU Number: Acer
Bios version: V2.70
Date: 12/7/2006


Northbridge : ATI Xpress 200 (RS480)
Revision ID: 10
Southbridge : ATI SB400
Revision ID: 80


2 GB total memory type DDR2 to 398.98 MHz
Memory timing: 6.0 clocks-6 clocks-6 clocks-18 clocks-1 TT
Memory chip Hyundai Electronics of 1 GB
Maximum frequency: 400 MHz
Max bandwidth: PC2-6400
Memory chip Kingston of 1 GB
Maximum frequency: 400 MHz
Max bandwidth: PC2-6400

Graphics card

ATI Radeon Xpress Series
DirectX version installed: 11.0


Harddrive ST98823AS of 74.53 GB SATA
Firmware: 3.06
Serial number: 5PK2VP6Q
HDD Temperature: 38 °C
Power time: 6627 hours
Harddrive USB DISK 2.0 USB Device of 7.21 GB


Broadcom Limited BCM4312 802.11b/g LP-PHY
Adapter type: IEEE 802.11 wireless
Software Loopback Interface 1
Adapter type: Loopback

Multimedia cards

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] IXP SB4x0 High Definition Audio Controller


Logitech, Inc. Gaming Mouse G302
Standard PS/2 Keyboard


Logitech, Inc. Gaming Mouse G302
PS/2 Compatible Mouse


Manufacturer: Dell Computer Corp.
Maximum resolution: 1280 x 1024
Screen size: 17.1" (34 cm x 27 cm)
Manufacture date: 2/25/2004
Aspect ratio: 4:3
Video input type: Reserved Analog Signal
Generic PnP Monitor
Maximum resolution: 1280 x 800
Screen size: 15.4" (33 cm x 21 cm)
Manufacture date: 12/31/1989
Aspect ratio: 16:10
Video input type: Digital Signal

USB peripheral

Kingston Technology Company Inc. USB DISK 2.0
Supported USB version: 2.0
Logitech, Inc. Gaming Mouse G302
Supported USB version: 2.0