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Monitoring BSOD Analysis Settings

Offline detection

It is possible to download a zipped version of DriversCloud.com program which will not require installation. The links are available in step 1 of the offline detection instructions. DriversCloud.com also allows you to detect the configuration of a computer not connected to the Internet, as long as you have access to another computer connected to the Internet. This service is also very convenient for a computer whose network card is not recognized. In order to do this, you just need to follow this 3-step procedure:
Step 1/3 – Download the DriversCloud.com program
First, you need to download the DriversCloud.com program. Then, transfer the downloaded file to a USB flash drive or any other external storage device that can be read by the computer that is not connected to the Internet.
Step 2/3 – Install the DriversCloud.com program
From the USB drive (or other storage device), install the DriversCloud.com program on the computer not connected to the Internet.

Once the program is installed, run the tool named Preferences via the menu Start/programs/DriversCloud.com/Preferences. As shown on the following image, click the Detect button that you can find in the Offline detection tab of the window:

Offline detection

When the detection ends, you are asked if you want to save the results. Save them on a USB drive (or any other external storage device).

Step 3/3 - Results analysis
  • Return to the computer with the Internet connection and plug in your USB drive (or other storage device).
  • Re-open this web page (if you closed it).
  • Finally, select the results file (that you saved on the USB drive) in this following field.
Once the file is transferred, you can visualize and access all the services, including identification and driver download.

Results file (Configuration.mc):